The Ten Most GIF-able Videos of 2022

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2 min readDec 15, 2022


Photo by Partho Chakraborty on Unsplash

We’ve collected the best videos from 2022 and put them all in one place. I’m not going to say these videos balance out the evils of this year, but it’s pretty close. Use these for reactions in Twitter threads, for your group-chats, or share them with your latest Hinge match to keep them interested.

We know these are the most GIF-able videos because we GIF-ed them. They’ve all been clipped, GIF-afied, and added to our game, What The Gif?!, so you can play with them today.

  1. This man has the opposite of whatever beginner’s luck is.

2. This racoon finally convinced me that racoons are cute.

3. This child is going to have brain damage but it’s worth it for the memories.

4. Probably the most extreme example of how dudes rock.

5. I just want what they have.

6. He made this pizza with extra trauma, it must be absolutely delicious.

7. If this was a little longer it would probably be a Best Picture nominee.

8. Good to know if things don’t work out for me, there’s always becoming a sheep.

9. If this wasn’t on video nobody would believe it happened.

10. You’ll never see Sonic or Mario the same again. The cinematic universe we’ve been waiting for.

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